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Share Datadog dashboards securely with anyone outside of your organization

Author Kai Xin Tai
Author Miranda Kapin

Published: 12月 22, 2020

Datadog dashboards provide a unified view of your application, infrastructure, and business data, giving stakeholders the context they need to make decisions. Sharing dashboards publicly is useful when you want to make them easily accessible to a large audience. But oftentimes, your dashboards include sensitive information, which is why you need finer-grained controls over the data you share—and who you share it with.

Now, you can grant specific individuals access to your dashboards, regardless of whether they have a Datadog account. And instead of exposing your entire dataset, you can use time selectors and template variables to curate the exact view you want to make available. For instance, if you’re a managed service provider, you can share dashboards that only display the performance of specific endpoints, ensuring that your customers only see their own data. Or, if your company has multiple Datadog organizations, you can share a dashboard with a colleague in a different department who does not have access to your organization.

Choose what to share and who to share it with

To share a dashboard you own, click on the Settings icon and choose Generate Public URL from the dropdown menu. By default, anyone with the public URL will have access to the dashboard. You can also limit access to specific individuals by adding either their email addresses or their company’s domain to your allowlist.

Share a dashboard by email address

From the sharing modal, select Only specified people, enter their email addresses, and click Invite.

For each person you invite, Datadog will email a magic link to the dashboard (valid for one hour). Clicking on a valid link authenticates the individual and grants read-only access to the dashboard for 30 days.

Invited individuals will receive an email containing a one-time link to the dashboard.

Share a dashboard by domain

We’ve also made it easy for you to share your dashboard with a specific group of individuals, such as customers and partners. Instead of entering their email addresses one at a time, you can add their company’s domain (e.g., * to your allowlist. When they open a link to the dashboard, they can request access—and Datadog will automatically send them a magic link, as described in the previous section.

Request access to dashboard

Curate the exact view you want to share

You can also control what data these individuals are able to view by clicking Time & Variable Settings. By default, dashboards display data from the past hour but you can select a different time frame (e.g., past 30 minutes, past day) and allow viewers to adjust that range as they choose. And, if you have configured template variables, you can select specific tags (e.g., availability zone, service, team) to share only a subset of data. In the example below, we have chosen to display data from our coupon validation service in two availability zones.

In Time & Variable Settings, you can select the time frame and tags to make available to viewers.

At any point, you can update your sharing settings (e.g., revoke the access of certain individuals, adjust the data you’re sharing) by navigating to the Settings menu and clicking Configure sharing.

Share insights while safeguarding sensitive information

You can start sharing your dashboards with individuals outside of your organization right away. We’ve built on our Dashboards API to let you programmatically manage and share all of your public dashboards. Or if you’re not yet using Datadog, you can get started with a today.