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Learn from Airbnb, Google, AWS, and more: Join us at Dash!

Author Mallory Mooney

Published: 6月 4, 2018

Have you heard about Dash? We are launching a new conference about building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams. Dash will take place in New York City on July 11 and 12 at Tribeca’s Spring Studios. Join us for a mix of speaking sessions and workshops about application and system performance, scalability, and team collaboration.

We are excited to hear from a great lineup of speakers about how they are building scalable, resilient, high-performance applications and teams.

The speakers

Aaron Brady, Senior Product Engineer at Shopify

Aaron Brady will show how his team moved to a cloud-based platform using Kubernetes while simultaneously scaling up and introducing automation into their systems. Learn the tools and processes Shopify used to complete their migration and rapidly gain confidence with brand-new systems in production.

Stacy Gorelik, Director of Engineering at Flatiron Health

Stacy Gorelik will discuss the challenges around building platforms that serve internal rather than external customers. Learn how Flatiron Health built an effective platform organization, and about the strategies they used to shift platform teams from firefighting to innovation.

Brian Lucas, Senior Staff Engineer at Optimizely

Brian Lucas will cover how integrating experimentation techniques into continuous delivery processes lets engineering teams implement quality safeguards while still being the first to bring new features to customers. Learn how industry leaders like Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook use experimentation to efficiently test releases before making them generally available.

Liz Fong-Jones, Staff Site Reliability Engineer at Google

Liz Fong-Jones will show how the Google Customer Reliability Engineering team found the right balance between reliability and rates of feature development by setting service level objectives and error budgets. Learn how to measure useful service level indicators for needs ranging from interactive, latency-sensitive, query-based systems to batch throughput-oriented systems.

Calvin French-Owen, CTO & Co-Founder of Segment

Calvin French-Owen will walk through the play-by-play of how his team responded to an actual production outage. He will also explore Segment’s incident response culture and dive deep into the tools they use to achieve a culture of shared knowledge.

Travis Dunn, CTO at DraftKings

Hear from Travis Dunn about Ground Fault, the custom circuit breaker framework that DraftKings built for monitoring their microservices architecture, as well as how they solve unique load challenges like traffic spikes from waves of users checking their fantasy team scores at the same time.

Recent additions to the lineup

We recently announced a few new additions to the speaker lineup. We are thrilled to welcome speakers from leading organizations like Capital One, Stitch Fix, EA, Zendesk, and Airbnb.

Zendesk’s Anatoly Mikhaylov and Daniel Rieder will join us to share how their team analyzed customer traffic to discover system capacity they didn’t know they had. Willie Yao and Tiffany Low of Airbnb will share what they learned while moving to a service-oriented architecture while maintaining high development velocity, all in the midst of a rapidly growing engineering organization.

Check out the Dash website for the full lineup of speakers and presentations.

The workshops

Dash will also host workshops from Amazon Web Services and Datadog covering topics such as Kubernetes best practices, metric visualization, and container monitoring.

Brent Langston, senior developer advocate for AWS, will show you how to get started with a Kubernetes cluster on AWS as well as how to deploy and monitor applications in Kubernetes. And our very own Datadog evangelists Kirk Kaiser and Matt Williams will walk through instrumenting an application for tracing and using Autodiscovery for monitoring dynamic container workloads.

Join us in NYC

Register now to secure your spot for Dash and to book a discounted hotel room near the venue. We look forward to seeing you in July!