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Changes to Datadog Cloud SIEM

Author Vera Chan
Author Partha Naidu

Published: 12月 4, 2023

In order to help organizations more effectively secure their cloud environments, we are making changes to our Cloud SIEM product. As of December 4, Datadog has introduced a new offering in Cloud SIEM: Cloud SIEM 15-Months Retention, which automatically stores logs for 15 months after ingestion. This offering caters to our customers’ dynamic needs, including the ability to perform real-time and historical security analytics on log data from longer time periods—all indexed and quickly searchable at a low cost, and without needing to perform rehydrations from cold storage for logs that are 15 months old or less.

Datadog Cloud SIEM 15-Months Retention ensures security and DevOps teams have the context they need to conduct historical investigations and surface long-term threats. In addition, Datadog Cloud SIEM Investigator is now generally available, so users can leverage flexible filters, customizable timelines, and other Investigator features to better understand and query their past data.

With Datadog Cloud SIEM 15-Months Retention, teams can easily identify and detect threats, investigate them, and quickly and cost-efficiently search their logs for context when they need to act fast. A unified view across infrastructure, DevOps, and security helps teams quickly detect problems and follow built-in remediation steps to stop attackers from further accessing and damaging their environments.

See our pricing page for a more detailed breakdown of what is included in this new offering.

What to expect

All new Cloud SIEM customers will have access to Cloud SIEM 15-Months Retention by default.

For existing Cloud SIEM customers, there will be no changes to your contract, and you’ll be able to continue using Cloud SIEM with its current features. Please reach out to your Account Executive or our Sales team if you would like to migrate to the new plan before your contract expires so you can start using Cloud SIEM 15-Months Retention now.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your customer success representative. If you’re not a customer, you can sign up for a 14-day .