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Introducing the Datadog Ambassadors program

Author Brandon West

Published: 8月 3, 2023

For more than a decade, Datadog has been the trusted partner of thousands of developers. They have used our platform to build observability into their applications and infrastructure, reducing downtime and making their systems more secure. But a special group among these builders has gone the extra mile by sharing their expertise—and even their own unique solutions, such as custom integrations or sample code—with our wider Datadog community.

Today, we’re happy to introduce the Datadog Ambassadors program. This program is all about recognizing and highlighting these extraordinary contributors who have been sharing their experiences with Datadog to help others—through videos, blog posts, conference talks, open-source contributions, and everything in between.

Datadog Ambassadors are not only technical experts who pass along their valuable insights, but also community leaders who foster a welcoming and encouraging environment for others. Members are handpicked based on their contributions to the community and are nominated by Datadog employees or, in the future, by existing Datadog Ambassadors themselves. Membership lasts for a year, at which point current Ambassadors can reapply while new nominations are also welcomed and considered.

Being a Datadog Ambassador comes with several benefits, including a trip to DASH, limited-edition swag, free Datadog Certification exams, access to team members and exclusive opportunities, and more. We’re looking forward to working with our first cohort of Datadog Ambassadors along with the rest of our community members to build a program that is inclusive, helpful, and rewarding.

You can read more about the Datadog Ambassadors program here.

And now, I’m honored to introduce our inaugural group of Datadog Ambassadors. Thank you all for your contributions, and congratulations!

Xing Du

photo of Xing Du

Xing is a minimalist software engineer for Opendoor Labs who’s passionate about science, technology, DevOps, and solving problems. On his blog, he writes about Datadog and other technical topics.

Mike Stemle

photo of Mike Stemle

Mike is a Principal Architect at Arc XP, a Washington Post company. He has authored the Datadog Service Catalog Metadata Provider custom GitHub Action, which is available for free in the GitHub Marketplace.

Kristina Kondrashevich

photo of Kristina Kondrashevich

Kristina is an SRE Product Owner at Electrolux, where she helped build an internal developer platform for IoT that can integrate with Datadog. Kristina is also a guest speaker at DASH 2023.

Benjamen Pyle

photo of Benjamen Pyle

Benjamen is the CTO of Curantis Solutions, a healthcare software provider. On his blog, he writes about topics related to building and supporting cloud applications, including observability with Datadog.

Suraj Tikoo

photo of Suraj Tikoo

Suraj is a Cloud Consultant for Accenture, where he uses Datadog to help businesses optimize their cloud infrastructure. Among his contributions to the Datadog community, Suraj has created a sample Java Spring Boot application to be used with Datadog APM and published technical articles about Datadog on the Towards AWS blog.

Divya Gupta Arora

photo of Divya Gupta Arora

Divya is an Engineering Manager at Expedia Group, where she draws upon her expertise in Datadog and many other technologies to enhance the travel experience. On her blog, she writes in depth about technical topics, including Datadog and broader industry trends.

Martin Amps

photo of Martin Amps

As Senior Principal Engineer for Stitch Fix, Martin supports workloads performing batch compute, recommendation pipelines, and other functions for data science. Martin also helped create and deliver an on-demand webinar that showed how Stitch Fix optimized cloud costs with the help of Datadog Cloud Cost Management.

Willian Valerio

photo of Willian Valerio

Willian is an Observability Engineer and Co-Founder of Appoena, where he dedicates his efforts to helping engineers use Datadog to better diagnose and resolve issues within complex environments. He is also the co-instructor of an online course for mastering observability with Datadog.