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Install updated Datadog integrations as they become available

Author Hippolyte Henry
Author John Matson

Published: 6月 6, 2019

We’re excited to announce a new feature that enables you to install updates to your Datadog Agent integrations as soon as they are released. That means that you can make use of new or updated integrations right away, without waiting for a full release of the Datadog Agent.

Agent integrations, at your command

Every time you download or update the Datadog Agent, the install process automatically pulls in the latest version of all the official Agent integrations that were bundled with that release. The new datadog-agent integration command for Linux and Windows allows users to quickly and securely install individual integrations between Agent releases, so you can put new or updated integrations to work as soon as they become available. (You can read about the security work that made this feature possible on our engineering blog.)

How to use the new command

The datadog-agent integration command has four subcommands:

  • install: install a specific version of an integration
  • remove: remove an integration
  • show: get the version number and other information about an integration
  • freeze: list the Python packages for all installed integrations

To upgrade an integration to a newer version on a Linux host, you can run the following command:

sudo -u dd-agent -- datadog-agent integration install datadog-<integration_name>==<version>

For example, you can use the command to update Datadog’s vSphere integration to version 4.0.0:

sudo -u dd-agent -- datadog-agent integration install datadog-vsphere==4.0.0

For more usage information on Linux and Windows hosts, consult the Agent docs.

More power over your integrations

We’re excited to put this command in your hands so you can start making use of integration enhancements and updates as soon as they are released. To start using the new datadog-agent integration command, ensure that you’re running an updated version of the Datadog Agent. All four subcommands are available as of version 6.9.0 of the Agent. For more info, read the docs for our Agent integration management features here.

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