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Upskill with Datadog to discover how observability solutions can help AWS customers migrate and modernize their AWS environment.

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Why Become an AWS Datadog Ambassador?

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Identify joint value

Discover Datadog’s top use cases and why they matter to AWS customers

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Earn Your Datadog Demo Certification

Undergo guided training to become Datadog demo certified

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Build relationships

Work directly with Datadog Partner Sales and Product teams

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Engage in Evangelism Opportunities

Educate other AWS SAs on Datadog, present at AWS + Datadog conferences, joint events, and roundtables

Datadog + AWS: Better Together

Datadog + AWS

Discover how Datadog’s monitoring solutions give AWS customers a comprehensive view of their environment.

Migrate & Monitor AWS Workloads

Download our partner eBook to learn about the benefits of migrating and monitoring workloads on AWS.

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