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Monitor Docker Container Performance

Graph Docker metrics from all of your containers and correlate them with data from the rest of your devops stack.

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Product Features

Three pillars of observability in one platform

Datadog seamlessly unites metrics, traces, and logs.

  • Aggregate metrics and events from 200+ technologies
  • Search, analyze, and explore enriched log data
  • Trace requests across distributed systems and alert on app performance
  • Seamlessly pivot between correlated data for rapid troubleshooting

Cattle, not pets

Your services matter, but individual containers probably don't. Datadog auto-discovers, tags, and aggregates service-level metrics as your infrastructure changes.

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Real-time visibility

Create drag-and-drop dashboards to graph, analyze, correlate, and compare performance metrics and events.



Datadog won't panic when containers scale down but the service is healthy. Instead it can alert on thresholds or rates of change for service-level metrics.

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Hosts + containers

See system metrics about each host alongside metrics from each of its containers.

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