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A Cost-Effective SIEM - Built for Scale

Detect, investigate, and respond to threats across your cloud environments in real time with an intuitive, unified platform for observability and security

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Product Features

Automatically Detect Security Threats in Real Time

  • Analyze everything on ingest without the cost of indexing and retaining all of the data
  • Immediately identify threats and enable threshold and anomaly detection
  • Discover security issues at log ingestion and continuously; never on schedules or after costly indexing
  • Ingest, normalize, and enrich logs, as well as third-party security alerts, to accelerate investigations

Visualize Security Insights from Your Logs

  • Use intuitive graph-based visualizations to surface security insights into activity across your cloud environments
  • Identify and seamlessly drill down into the root cause of suspicious activity across 15 months of historical data
  • Gain rich, deeper context to better assess risk and urgency by pivoting from users and resources to their corresponding security logs and telemetry

Automate Common Security Tasks

  • Create routine security tasks and remediation processes automatically or on demand with Case Management
  • Accelerate response time with pre-configured workflows— security teams' intervention not required
  • Remain in compliance with your predefined security policies, even during automated processes

Faster Time to Value from Your SIEM

  • Quickly activate out-of-the-box bundled content related to specific integrations with Content Packs
  • Access rules, dashboards, automated security workflows, and written content such as blogs, documentation, and more
  • Start responding to issues and generating ROI from your SIEM faster with valuable security data and helpful content easily accessible

Get Set Up in Minutes with 350+ Detection Rules and 750+ Integrations

  • Improve your security posture with 350+ default detection rules mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework
  • Discover in-depth insights into where issues are originating with 750+ vendor-backed integrations, including 100+ fully-supported AWS services
  • Create custom threat rules with an intuitive, easy-to-use query language
  • Get full visibility into your network, identity providers, and SaaS applications with minimal configuration

Accelerate Threat Response with an Intuitive Cost-Effective SIEM

  • Obtain immediate time to value, reduce operational overhead with a cloud-native SIEM, focus on threat detection, not hardware maintenace
  • Rapidly analyze threats and easily filter security signals based on key attributes such as severity level, the MITRE ATT&CK® technique, or any associated entity, such as an attacker’s IP
  • Collaborate with multiple teams through integrations with ticketing portals, chat systems, and remediation tools

Gain a Consolidated View of Tasks and Incident Follow-ups with Case Management

  • Easily follow up on and create cases for security incidents and other operational tasks in one centralized platform
  • Establish clear lines of ownership between development, operations, security, and support teams
  • Use customizable dashboard to measure the effectiveness of your operations with insights into team productivity