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Product Features

Full-Stack Cloud Infrastructure Security and Analytics

  • Prevent a single security vulnerability from compromising your entire infrastructure
  • Better adapt to dynamic cloud environments with fully-hosted cloud security monitoring
  • Monitor all layers of your cloud environment: infrastructure, hosts, containers, and applications
  • Discover security issues continuously or in real-time, never on schedules

Simplify Complexity with End-To-End, Unified Visibility

  • Remain agile while security tooling enables threat hunting workflows
  • Accelerate security investigations with detailed observability data: workload events, application logs, infrastructure metrics, audits, and more
  • Analyze everything with just a few simple clicks; pivot seamlessly from one visualization to the next, from one telemetry to another

Automatically Detect Security Threats and Misconfigurations in Real Time

  • Flag threats and catch misconfigurations across your applications, network, and infrastructure
  • Detect threats from workload security events in seconds and easily audit all your cloud configurations in one place
  • Analyze everything without the cost of indexing and retaining all of the data, with Datadog's Without Limits™ platform

Get Set Up in Minutes with 350+ Out-of-the-Box Detection Rules

  • Start getting value immediately with minimal configuration, 450+ vendor-backed, turn-key integrations, and out-of-the-box detection rules mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework and other compliance frameworks
  • Improve your security and compliance posture with 350+ default detection rules for that automatically flag threats, misconfigurations, and runtime events
  • Detect threats without requiring query language wizardry or the esoteric knowledge of few security practitioners

Investigate and Respond to Cyber Threats Faster

  • Rapidly analyze threats and easily filter security signals based on key attributes such as severity level, the MITRE ATT&CK® technique, or any associated entity, such as an attacker’s IP
  • Integrate with Slack, PagerDuty, or any collaboration tool to quickly loop in relevant teams and receive actionable alerts on malicious or anomalous patterns
  • Align DevOps and Security together with full observability data and an easy-to-use, intuitive, unified platform