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Unified Observability & Security

Troubleshoot, optimize, and secure cloud resources and applications with full-stack visibility.

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Product Features

Identify Where Security Risks Exist in Production

  • Assess and enhance your security posture with continuous security monitoring across your cloud accounts, hosts, containers, and applications
  • Uncover threats in your hosts and containers with performant, in-kernel analysis of your workload activity
  • Visualize your cloud resources and applications and their associated security risks at a glance with comprehensive inventories

Prioritize the Risks Which Matter the Most

  • Pivot seamlessly between security and observability telemetry to assess business impact
  • Automatically prioritize cloud vulnerabilities based on Datadog’s curated security research
  • Contextualize risks across the stack with the Security Inbox

Remediate Security Issues Faster

  • Search, filter, and query across all detected security issues with Datadog unified tagging for faster investigation
  • Reduce mean-time-to-remediate with actionable remediation guidance
  • Automate remediation playbooks with Datadog Workflow Automation

Streamline Collaboration Across DevOps and Security in a Single Platform

  • Seamlessly integrate security within existing workstreams
  • Drive alignment across development, operations, and security teams with a single source of truth to reduce security risk faster
  • Monitor the security of all layers of your cloud environment in one unified platform