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Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics

Automatically detect threats and catch misconfigurations across your applications, network, and infrastructure in real time. Improve your security posture. See immediate time to value.

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Why Datadog?

Real-Time Threat Detection

Detect and analyze malicious activity in real time. Improve your security and compliance posture

No Query Language Required

Users can create custom detection rules through our simple rules editor — no query language required

Out-Of-The-Box Rules

350+ out-of-the-box detection rules - automatically flag threats, misconfigurations, and runtime events

Compliance And Certifications

Track your compliance posture against regulatory frameworks with Datadog

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Product Features

Automatically Detect and Prioritize Cloud Security Risks

  • Strengthen your security posture by identifying risky misconfigurations
  • Improve threat hunting and investigations with real-time detection and in-depth context
  • Prioritize and fix vulnerabilities based on potential business impact
  • Mitigate identity risks, enforce least privilege, and trace attacks across your entire environment

Accelerate Threat Response with an Intuitive Cost-Effective SIEM

  • Obtain immediate time to value, reduce operational overhead with a cloud-native SIEM, focus on threat detection, not hardware maintenace
  • Rapidly analyze threats and easily filter security signals based on key attributes such as severity level, the MITRE ATT&CK® technique, or any associated entity, such as an attacker’s IP
  • Collaborate with multiple teams through integrations with ticketing portals, chat systems, and remediation tools

Get Set Up in Minutes with 900+ Detection Rules and 700+ Integrations

  • Improve your security and compliance posture with 900+ default detection rules mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK® and compliance frameworks
  • Discover in-depth insights into where issues are originating with 700+ vendor-backed integrations, including 100+ fully-supported AWS services
  • Create custom threat rules with an intuitive, easy-to-use query language
  • Get full visibility into your network, identity providers, and SaaS applications with minimal configuration

Simplify Complexity with End-To-End, Unified Visibility

  • Analyze all layers of your cloud environment in just a few clicks; pivot seamlessly from one visualization to the next, from one telemetry to another
  • Align DevOps and Security together with full observability data and an easy-to-use, intuitive, unified platform
  • Easily access detailed observability data: workload events, application logs, infrastructure metrics, audits, and more
  • Enrich security signals with Datadog-managed threat intelligence feeds

Full-Stack Defense Across Apps, Workloads, and Infrastructure

  • Get full visibility across your entire cloud infrastructure in minutes
  • Reduce alert fatigue and mitigate critical threats by automatically prioritizing top security issues
  • Assess the blast radius and probability of resource exploitation with relationship graphs that visualize interdependencies within your cloud environment
  • Speed up remediation by consolidating disparate tools and bringing DevOps and Security teams together on a unified platform