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Website Performance Monitoring at Any Scale

Get real-time insight into your website performance with Datadog.

Product Benefits

Proactively Monitor Site Availability and Uptime

Alert on the global performance and availability of your endpoints.
  • Validate HTTP requests to your services from multiple locations
  • Monitor and maintain your SLAs
  • Resolve issues quickly with unified traces, metrics, and logs

Resolve Issues Before Users Are Impacted

Ensure that important user experiences are preserved with fully hosted, automated tests for critical business transactions and user journeys.

  • Discover front-end issues such as Javascript or network errors instantly
  • Proactively monitor Core Web Vitals scores in any environment
  • Conduct root cause analyses quickly and troubleshoot performance before users notice with Datadog’s APM integration


Discover In-Depth Insights into Product Usage & User Behavior

  • Identify patterns in customer usage with real-time, out-of-the-box, customizable dashboards and track which pages customers are spending the most time interacting with
  • Automatically collect and correlate every resource, error, and user action during a user's session
  • Monitor usage fluctuations after important product or feature releases

Spend Less Time Maintaining Your Tools & Automate Testing

Stay focused on building new features, not fixing brittle tests.

  • Intelligent, Self-Maintaining Browser Tests update themselves by re-identifying elements even as the UI evolves throughout development
  • Eliminate false-positives due to broken tests and create composite alerts
  • Minimize time spent updating scripted tests throughout the entire development cycle

Simplify Complexity with End-to-End Visibility

  • Detect, diagnose, and resolve incidents rapidly with Real User Monitoring, Synthetics, APM, logs, and infrastructure monitoring in one unified platform
  • Reduce MTTD, MTTR with 1-click pivots from a user session to traces, logs and infrastructure metrics
  • Easily determine if user-facing incidents are due to frontend errors with RUM or backend issues using APM

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