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Monitor AWS Lambda Functions with Datadog

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600+ Turn-Key Integrations, Including

Product Benefits

All Your Functions in One Place

Aggregate critical serverless metrics in one place for a birds-eye view and drill into a single invocation with one click.
  • Optimize performance by filtering to functions that are generating errors, high latency, or cold starts
  • Leverage tags to group functions by cloud region, allocated memory, environment, and more
  • Identify high-level function issues, then pivot to invocation traces and logs with one click

Troubleshoot Serverless Performance Issues Faster

Rapidly detect and resolve incidents spanning across your entire service architecture.
  • Gain full visibility into your serverless architecture with end-to-end tracing, latency breakdowns, and flame graphs showcasing request-level details
  • Discover in-depth insights into where issues are originating with 600+ vendor-backed integrations, including EC2, ECS, API Gateway, and Amazon SNS
  • Conduct root cause analysis more quickly by seamlessly navigating between your logs, lambda metrics, and distributed request traces from your hosts and Lambda functions

Complete Serverless Functions Observability

Simplify serverless function incident diagnosis.
  • Easily identify bottlenecks, concurrency limits, cold starts, code-level issues, and service dependencies with real-time screen boards and service mapping
  • Isolate individual customer requests and drill down to the associated logs and metrics for the full story
  • Search and filter using tags like service, customer, or error code to troubleshoot ephemeral functions

Track Business Metrics with No Additional Overhead

Collect custom business metrics from serverless functions without adding any resource overhead to invocations.
  • Reduce silos with a single source of truth for dev, ops, and business teams
  • Collect metrics directly from your functions to track data such as the count of items in a cart or value of items in a cart
  • Visualize and analyze key business data through customizable, real-time dashboards

Efficiently Analyze Critical Serverless Metrics

Address underprovisioned or misconfigured serverless functions for performance & cost benefits.
  • Proactively prevent poor end-user experiences from occurring with alerts on memory, timeout, and allocated concurrency metric forecasts
  • Automatically detect unanticipated outliers, anomalies, and errors with Watchdog
  • Easily identify which functions are producing errors and what types of errors are plaguing individual Lambda functions

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