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Dynamic Docker Monitoring

Gain complete, real-time visibility into the health and performance of your containerized environment with Datadog Container Monitoring. Leverage 750+ out-of-box integrations to start monitoring in minutes.

Why Datadog?

750+ Vendor-Backed Integrations

Datadog offers wide coverage across any technology, with support provided by Datadog

Out-Of-The-Box Dashboards

Nearly instant time to value for both set up and investigation

Enterprise Scale & Reliability

Whatever your scale or use cases, take advantage of our SaaS platform that’s always prepared to handle more


Datadog automatically discovers containers and services running on them as they are created and destroyed

750+ Turn-Key Integrations, Including

Product Benefits

Monitor Your Docker Containers More Effectively

  • Automatically detect and monitor your containers as quickly as they are created and destroyed
  • Easily analyze the health of all your containers distributed across any cloud environment in a single pane of glass with the cluster agent
  • Avoid resource contention and deficiency by drilling into individual containers running hot with 1 click
  • Collect, monitor, and visualize high-granularity metrics from all your containers at 15s. granularity for 15 months – including CPU, I/O, and memory

Gain Deeper Insights Into Your Container Orchestration

  • Enhance visibility into container orchestration with the live container view
  • Optimize horizontal auto-scaling by connecting Datadog to your HPA and collecting request rate, latency, and available network bandwidth
  • Easily detect clusters over or under-allocating available resources via the auto-generated container map
  • Monitor important per-container metrics, such as resource usage and request and response error rates, on out-of-the-box dashboards for AWS Fargate, Google Cloud Run, and more

Troubleshoot Performance Issues Quickly and Minimize Downtime

  • Isolate bottlenecks and troubleshoot performance problems with distributed tracing across any infrastructure component
  • Seamlessly correlate metrics, logs, traces, and network data to diagnose and resolve issues quickly
  • Analyze the health of individual containers across pods, nodes, namespaces, and cloud providers
  • Test hypotheses in seconds by overlaying Docker and container orchestration events onto time-synchronized graphs

Track Changes in Your Containerized Infrastructure

  • Gain key insights into every container image used in your environment—and about your entire container image ecosystem
  • Understand large-scale trends in security posture and resource utilization with image-specific metric dashboards
  • Reduce costs by spotting cloud registries that you may be paying for but not actively using, as well as images that are taking up unnecessary disk space in your hosts

Eliminate False-Positives and Receive Alerts for Only the Issues that Matter

  • Set up threshold and rate of change alerts for service-level metrics that won’t panic as containers scale down
  • Create smarter alerts that account for daily, weekly, and seasonal fluctuations
  • Proactively prevent outages and errors with forecasts on resource metrics such as CPU and memory
  • Automatically detect unanticipated anomalous events, outliers, and errors with Watchdog

Enhance Visibility with Datadog

  • Monitor your full stack in one place and create custom, drag-and-drop, real-time dashboards within seconds
  • Seamlessly navigate between your logs, infrastructure metrics, and application traces
  • Quickly deploy the agent across your entire cluster through our helm chart or daemonset
  • Automatically detect services running in Kubernetes clusters and monitor them no matter where they spin up

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.

Platform Diagram

Loved & Trusted by Thousands

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