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PostgreSQL Log Management & Analytics

Easily search and analyze your PostgreSQL logs at any scale, on any budget. Quickly troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and investigate security threats with rich context.

700+ Turn-Key Integrations, Including

Product Benefits

Investigate and Troubleshoot PostgreSQL Issues Faster

  • Discover log patterns and errors rapidly without the need to investigate and read every individual log file
  • Visualize and explore collected logs using an intuitive, facet-driven navigation designed for outage responders
  • See log data in context with auto-tagging and metric correlation
  • Pivot from logs to the corresponding APM traces with a single click

Easily Manage Your PostgreSQL Logs with an Intuitive Platform

  • Analyze all your PostgreSQL logs with just a few simple clicks and eliminate the need to learn a complex, custom query language
  • Generate metrics from all your ingested logs right within the UI
  • Create real-time log analytics dashboards in seconds with Datadog’s drag-and-drop capabilities

Control Costs without Sacrificing Visibility

  • Collect, process, inspect, and archive all your logs for only $.10/GB; monitor all your ingested logs in real time with Live Tail
  • Only pay to index the logs you need
  • Quickly access archived logs dating back to any time period with the ability to rehydrate logs into indexes in a few simple clicks
  • Support audits or investigations by quickly accessing archived logs without paying for active storage

Scalable Log Management for Every Team and Every Stack

  • Manage access to your log data with granular controls that can be scoped to fit your organization’s structures and roles
  • Scale with confidence—send and process millions of logs per minute or petabytes per month seamlessly
  • Use fine-grained controls to prioritize high-value logs and stay within budget

Protect Sensitive Data within Your Logs

  • Prevent security breaches using a modern data compliance strategy with the Sensitive Data Scanner
  • Scrub sensitive data from your logs with Datadog's predefined or custom scanners
  • Record and access all user activity on the Datadog platform with audit logs
  • Easily report on your company’s sensitive data management with searchable tags on risk level, data source, and priority

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


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