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Simplified SLA Monitoring

Save time understanding, monitoring, and meeting your SLAs with Datadog.

Product Benefits

Automate Your SLA Monitoring and Reporting

  • Save time spent manually analyzing data by automatically generating SLO, SLA, and error budget reports with Datadog
  • Proactively monitor site uptime with API tests that validate HTTP requests from multiple locations
  • Understand performance by location to identify clear areas of improvement and ensure you meet your SLA goals

Enhance Communication and Collaboration

  • Visualize the status of any service level indicator via customizable, drag-and-drop dashboards
  • Share screenboards with various stakeholders and ensure visibility of performance across all teams
  • Improve collaboration across dev and ops teams with workflow integrations such as Slack, Pagerduty, and Jira


Minimize Downtime and Improve Business Continuity

  • Deploy new code into production with more confidence:
    • 400+ integrations to work with any tech stack
    • Correlate deployments to spikes in metrics with event overlays
    • Trigger automatic rollbacks with webhooks
  • Identify critical issues quickly with real-time service maps, AI-powered synthetic monitors, and alerts on performance issues
  • Resolve detected problems faster with infrastructure metrics, distributed request traces, and logs all within one platform

Start Proactively Monitoring SLAs

  • Track all key service-level indicator metrics in real time with Datadog, including availability, response times, reliability, error rates, and throughput
  • Monitor critical user journeys with self-maintaining browser tests and resolve performance issues before real users are impacted
  • Automatically detect unanticipated outliers, anomalies, and errors with Watchdog
  • Proactively prevent outages and errors by alerting on metric forecasts or specific data thresholds

Minimize Organizational Risk Creating Service Level Agreements

  • Create service level agreements with confidence based on high-granularity historical data stored for 15 months or longer - without any roll-ups
  • Detect issues impacting your SLAs proactively and resolve them quickly with end-to-end visibility in a single platform

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