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Ensure the Success of Your Cloud Migration

Migrate to the cloud on schedule and on budget with full visibility into both legacy systems and cloud applications. Start your trial today, build a dashboard, and we’ll send you a free Datadog t-shirt!

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Product Benefits

Complete Your Cloud Migration On Schedule and On Budget

  • Ensure seamless cloud migration with full visibility into on-premise and cloud-based hosts and services
  • Avoid outages and degraded performance with real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Reduce costs migrating to the cloud by ensuring autoscaling policies are properly managing instance sizes

Eliminate Silos and Improve Efficiency

  • Improve collaboration across teams with Datadog’s workflow integrations such as Slack and Jira
  • Track infrastructure metrics, application traces, and logs all in one place for faster troubleshooting migrating to the cloud
  • Easily access and work off the same datasets in Datadog’s platform with intuitive tag filtering, custom dashboards, and publicly-shareable links that help break down information silos across departments

Improve Business Continuity and Reduce Downtime

  • Easily verify that your services maintain high availability through dashboard reporting, self-maintaining browser tests, and App Analytics at infinite cardinality
  • Deploy new code into production more safely with:
    • 600+ integrations including Jenkins, Spinnaker, and Pagerduty
    • Webhooks to trigger automatic rollbacks
    • Event overlays on time series graphs to correlate deployments to metric spikes

Simplify Complexity with End-to-End Visibility

  • Monitor all aspects of your application architecture from the user interaction to back-end storage - in a single platform
  • Easily identify bottlenecks, errors, heavy traffic issues, slow-running queries, and more with end-to-end application tracing, latency breakdowns, continuous profiling, and real user monitoring
  • Automatically collect, monitor, and visualize high-granularity data and custom metrics in real time, including availability, response times, reliability, error rates, and throughput

Discover In-Depth Insights into Your Entire Software Architecture

  • See inside any stack, any app, anywhere at any scale with vendor-backed integrations including AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and Docker
  • Discover in-depth insights into your entire hybrid environment with customizable, drag-and-drop dashboards available out-of-the-box for all of Datadog’s integrations
  • Monitor the health of all your on-premise servers, cloud services, containers, databases, applications, serverless functions, and more

Ensure Optimal Performance with Alerts Powered by Machine-Learning

  • Track all key service-level indicator metrics in real time with the SLO widget
  • Automatically detect unanticipated outliers, anomalies, and errors with Watchdog
  • Proactively prevent outages and errors by alerting on metric forecasts or specific data thresholds
  • Eliminate false-positives and leverage AI-powered alerts that account for daily, weekly, and seasonal fluctuations or cascading event failures

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


600+ Turn-Key Integrations, Including

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