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Datadog Cloud Cost Management

Evaluate cloud spend at a granular level, identify savings opportunities, and encourage your engineering teams to take action.

Why Datadog?

Costs in Context

Spend is correlated with the rest of Datadog's observability data. So your engineering teams can immediately take action.

Single Pane of Glass

Cost data lives where engineers are, to break down information silos and promote cost-ownership across your organizations.

Deeply Granular and Highly Accurate

Our validation model and Datadog tagging ensure that every cent is properly allocated across your teams, services, and applications.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Designed for understanding data, our out-of-the-box dashboards and easy querying get you seeing value fast.

Product Benefits

Eliminate Waste and Avoid Surprises With Granular Cost Breakdowns Across Your Entire Cloud Environment

  • Intelligently allocate cloud costs to specific dimensions such as product, service, or teams with out-of-the-box and user defined resource tags
  • Drill down into resource-level costs using powerful, granular queries to understand your cloud spend and identify savings opportunities
  • Automatically distribute spend by any logical grouping or dimension within Kubernetes, down to the individual pod

Easily Optimize Cloud Spend With Unified Cost and Observability Data

  • Leverage the existing Datadog Agent and integrations to give engineering teams full visibility into cloud costs
  • Quickly identify cost drivers and optimization opportunities with combined cost and observability data
  • Create unit economics for your business by combining custom metrics and cost data on custom dashboards

Build Cost-Awareness Across Your Entire Organization

  • Surface and identify top cost changes in your environment scoped to teams, services, or any other dimension
  • Visualize and share key cost data across FinOps, engineering, and other teams with custom out-of-the-box dashboards or Powerpacks
  • Create interactive Notebooks to record and collaborate on cost investigations between FinOps and engineering teams

Monitoring That's Simple to Deploy and Effortless to Manage

  • Track tens of thousands of infrastructure metrics and hundreds of drilled down query metrics out-of-the-box
  • Deploy and start monitoring without any need for professional services or extensive training
  • Promote adoption across your organization with our intuitive user interface that requires no query language and can be used by anyone

Loved & Trusted by Thousands

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