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Rapidly Optimize Code Performance in Production

Analyze code performance in production, at any scale, all the time, with minimal overhead. Start your trial today, build a dashboard, and we’ll send you a free Datadog t-shirt!

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Why Datadog?

No Custom Query Language Required

Optimize resource consumption and save on cloud costs by tying spikes in CPU utilization or memory usage with inefficiencies in your code.

Enterprise Scale & Reliability

Reduce application latency and improve the user experience by correlating the latency of every request, service, or host with related code profiles such as wall time, lock, and I/O.

700+ Vendor-Backed Integrations

Datadog offers wide coverage across any technology, with support provided by Datadog.

Out-Of-The-Box Dashboards

Take advantage of Datadog’s ease of use; gain code profiling insights with out-of-the-box dashboards and automated code analysis.

Product Benefits

Get Complete Visibility into Code-Level Performance

  • Analyze 100% of your code in production including methods, classes, and threads across your entire stack
  • Seamlessly pivot between profiles and distributed traces with 1-click to get full context and identify the most resource-intensive requests
  • Get deeper insights into exceptions, garbage collection, I/O, locks, and packages with continuous observability and key category breakdowns such as code cache, class loading, and heap size

Spend Less Time Troubleshooting

  • Pinpoint CPU, memory, and latency bottlenecks in seconds and easily analyze profiles by method, class, or line number
  • Determine the root cause of slow requests with a breakdown of time spent by method on garbage collection, locks, and I/O
  • Speed up MTTD and MTRR; examine call stacks by any key attribute such as method, thread, and package with a point-and-click interface – no complex queries

Easily Optimize Both Legacy and Cloud Applications

  • Better maintain legacy and cloud apps with full visibility into code-level performance in dev, staging, and production environments
  • Continuously profile each line of code in any environment without affecting application performance and user experience
  • Quickly address issues with an automatic heuristic analysis and actionable summary of the main problem areas in your code; apply suggested fixes to improve application performance without having prior experience in code profiling

Reduce Cloud Provider Costs

  • Optimize resource consumption and save on compute costs with code profiling aggregations across hosts, services, and versions
  • Discover underutilized cloud servers and on-premise servers via the real-time, auto-generated host map
  • Further reduce unnecessary compute, storage or data transfer costs by combining performance metrics with critical cost data

Loved & Trusted by Thousands

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