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Continuous Go Profiling

Rapidly identify and optimize the most resource-consuming parts of your application code. Analyze Go performance in production, at any scale, all the time, with neglible overhead.

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Product Benefits

Get Code-level Insight into Performance Bottlenecks in Production

  • Easily find and address production challenges with our continuous profiling, meticulously scanning every line of code across all hosts and containers
  • Swiftly address problem areas, sidestepping lengthy reproduction processes through automated insights and suggested fixes
  • Identify methods and code lines that are inefficient under production load, despite having performed well in pre-production environments
  • Apply suggested fixes to refine application efficiency, empowering engineers at all levels to uphold lean code practices

Reduce Latency with Distributed, End-To-End Tracing

  • Instantly uncover the root cause of slow requests by correlating spans with profiling data
  • Gain thread-level visibility into requests to investigate parallelization, deadlocks, garbage collection, locks, and more
  • Pinpoint the exact factors causing slow methods to quickly understand what is causing a spike in latency, CPU utilization, or memory allocations

Ensure Smooth Deployments and Eliminate Performance Regressions

  • Craft real-time, custom dashboards for tracking and analyzing long-term, code-level metrics in production
  • Compare code behavior and impact across hosts, versions, and time ranges during canary, blue/green, or shadow deploys
  • Isolate the most inefficient functions to troubleshoot faulty deployments, enabling informed decisions on rollback or fix shipping

Optimize Cloud Costs

  • Gain clarity on CPU consumption per service to understand its impact on your cloud provider's bill and make informed decisions to cut costs
  • Identify the most expensive lines of code per endpoint across all your services with profiling aggregation data
  • Lower your cloud provider bill by leveraging Profiler-powered downsizing recommendations, providing accurate performance impact forecasts in Cloud Cost Management.

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.

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