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Continuous Code Profiler

Rapidly identify and optimize the most resource-consuming parts of your code. Analyze performance in production, at any scale, all the time, with neglible overhead.

Why Datadog?

No Custom Query Language Required

Optimize resource consumption and save on cloud costs by tying spikes in CPU utilization or memory usage with inefficiencies in your code.

Enterprise Scale & Reliability

Reduce application latency and improve the user experience by correlating the latency of every request, service, or host with related code profiles such as wall time, lock, and I/O.

700+ Vendor-Backed Integrations

Datadog offers wide coverage across any technology, with support provided by Datadog.

Out-Of-The-Box Dashboards

Take advantage of Datadog’s ease of use; gain code profiling insights with out-of-the-box dashboards and automated code analysis.

Supported Languages

Product Benefits

Get Code-level Insight into Performance Bottlenecks in Production

  • Easily find and address production challenges with our continuous profiling, meticulously scanning every line of code across all hosts and containers
  • Swiftly address problem areas, sidestepping lengthy reproduction processes through automated insights and suggested fixes
  • Identify methods and code lines that are inefficient under production load, despite having performed well in pre-production environments
  • Apply suggested fixes to refine application efficiency, empowering engineers at all levels to uphold lean code practices

Reduce Latency with Distributed, End-To-End Tracing

  • Instantly uncover the root cause of slow requests by correlating spans with profiling data
  • Gain thread-level visibility into requests to investigate parallelization, deadlocks, garbage collection, locks, and more
  • Pinpoint the exact factors causing slow methods to quickly understand what is causing a spike in latency, CPU utilization, or memory allocations

Ensure Smooth Deployments and Eliminate Performance Regressions

  • Craft real-time, custom dashboards for tracking and analyzing long-term, code-level metrics in production
  • Compare code behavior and impact across hosts, versions, and time ranges during canary, blue/green, or shadow deploys
  • Isolate the most inefficient functions to troubleshoot faulty deployments, enabling informed decisions on rollback or fix shipping

Optimize Cloud Costs

  • Gain clarity on CPU consumption per service to understand its impact on your cloud provider's bill and make informed decisions to cut costs
  • Identify the most expensive lines of code per endpoint across all your services with profiling aggregation data
  • Lower your cloud provider bill by leveraging Profiler-powered downsizing recommendations, providing accurate performance impact forecasts in Cloud Cost Management.

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.


Loved & Trusted by Thousands

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