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Monitor and Scale Your Microservices

Get a bird's eye view of your distributed services and infrastructure in minutes

450+ Turn-Key Integrations, Including

Product Features

Navigate microservices seamlessly with the Service Map

  • Automatically map data flows and cluster services based on their interdependencies in real-time
  • Investigate service disruptions by isolating services and their dependencies
  • One-click navigation from global alerts to relevant traces, logs, and infrastructure metrics

Collect, search, and analyze traces across distributed architectures

  • Datadog application performance monitoring (APM) allows you to trace calls across distributed services and hosts
  • Drill down from a global overview to a single customer’s request using App Analytics
  • Seamlessly correlate application performance to logs and underlying infrastructure metrics

Monitor your dynamic container environment

  • Out of the box support for Fargate, Kubernetes, Docker, ECS, and more
  • Analyze and explore all of your containers on the fly through the Container Map
  • Gain insight into the status and performance of all your containers in real time with our Live Container View

Start monitoring your microservices in minutes

  • 450+ Datadog supported integrations including Kubernetes, Docker, and Istio
  • Automatically trace across many popular libraries and frameworks for Go, Java, Python, Ruby, Node, .NET, and PHP
  • Autodiscover services and metrics in your Kubernetes cluster

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