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Product Features

Three pillars of observability in one platform

Datadog seamlessly unites metrics, traces, and logs.

  • Aggregate metrics and events from 350+ technologies
  • Search, analyze, and explore enriched log data
  • Trace requests across distributed systems and alert on app performance
  • Seamlessly pivot between correlated data for rapid troubleshooting

Tracing to visualize your apps’ performance

  • Track time spent by your Java, Go, Python, Ruby, Node, .NET, or PHP apps processing single operations
  • Identify bottlenecks in your apps with full latency breakdowns
  • Drill down into flame graphs for request-level details

Overview of application services

  • Drill into each of your apps & services to see number of hits, error rates, and distribution of latency
  • Visualize your services aggregated by type
  • Analyze all of the endpoints for your services

Multi-faceted alerting

  • Alert on uptime, thresholds, automatically detected outliers, anomalies, and more
  • Collaborate using Slack, PagerDuty, and other tools
  • Alert on subsets of your data or exclude certain hosts
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Datadog supports OpenTracing and joins CNCF

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