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Proactively Monitor Go Application Health

Detect, diagnose, and resolve issues impacting end users with synthetic monitoring, distributed tracing, high-granularity metrics, and centralized logging all within one platform.

Product Benefits

Proactively Monitor Golang Application Uptime

  • Alert on the global performance and availability of your endpoints with API tests
  • Monitor critical business transactions and user journeys with AI-driven, self-maintaining Browser Tests
  • Discover front-end issues such as Javascript errors or network errors instantly

Troubleshoot Go App Performance Issues Faster

  • Easily identify bottlenecks, errors, heavy traffic issues, slow-running queries, and more with end-to-end application tracing, latency breakdowns, continuous profiling, and real user monitoring
  • Resolve detected Golang problems faster with distributed request traces, logs, and infrastructure metrics all within one platform
  • Test hypotheses in seconds by overlaying application events onto time-synchronized metric graphs

Optimize Database Performance & Improve Quality of Work

  • Isolate query performance issues in minutes by visualizing query metrics over time
  • Reduce MTTR, prevent outages, and ultimately increase company revenue with our intuitive, no-code platform
  • Eliminate bottlenecks at the DBA level by managing many databases at once without compromising security
  • Break down silos and increase visibility by monitoring your entire stack all in one place

Spend Less Time Scaling and Maintaining Your Tools

  • Save time scaling and maintaining your open source tools as complexity grows within your stack
  • Automatically instrument your applications for popular Go frameworks such as Gin and Gorilla
  • Efficiently analyze issues from any perspective with automated tagging integrated throughout the entire platform

Enhance Visibility into Your Distributed Architecture

  • Gain critical visibility into the current state of all your services, serverless functions and application interdependencies with the real-time service map
  • Investigate service disruptions easily by isolating your view of a single service with one click
  • Efficiently monitor and visualize the health of all your services with customizable alerts for both code-level and service-level performance issues

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