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Announcing Dash 2020! Announcing Dash 2020!

Real-time interactive dashboards

See key metrics from every part of your infrastructure, all in one place

Infrastructure-wide visibility

Mix and match metrics and events from all your apps, hosts, containers, and services:

  • View metrics from different sources side-by-side
  • Overlay event markers on graphs for correlation analysis
  • Explore historical metrics at full collection granularity for over a year

Create a new dashboard in seconds

Drag and drop graphs and other widgets to visualize metrics and events:

  • Get started fast by cloning and editing out-of-the-box, templated dashboards
  • Autogenerate new dashboards programmatically via API

The right visualization for your data

Choose from an extensive library of visualizations types to gain insight into your infrastructure:

  • Graph metrics with heatmaps, stacked graphs, toplists, and more
  • See alerts and events in timelines and alert-status widgets
  • Use conditional formatting to highlight current values of critical metrics or high-level KPIs

Share dashboards and graphs

Datadog’s collaboration features keep everyone in sync:

  • Generate public URLs to provide real-time views to external teams
  • Display dashboards on large screens with TV mode
  • Annotate specific points on a graph to alert team members to issues
  • Apply internal access controls to dashboards

Apply Metric Transforms

Apply built-in formulas to metrics or use the code editor to write your transformations:

  • Draw on multiple metric sources to synthesize composite metrics
  • Calculate metric derivatives, logarithms, medians, and more
  • Compare metrics from different points in time
  • Apply out-of-the-box data mining algorithms for outlier detection