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Partners find a new revenue stream in the Datadog Marketplace

Learn how RapDev was able to increase their exposure and accelerate revenue with the Datadog Marketplace.

about RapDev

RapDev is a Boston-based technical consulting company that specializes in DevOps, Cloud Platforms, and modern ServiceNow deployments. As a Gold-tier member of the Datadog Partner Network, RapDev has helped customers implement projects and transformations at scale through the Datadog platform.

Key Results

35+ leads per month

The number of new integration trial leads RapDev has received per month in their first 12 months on the Datadog Marketplace.

1-2 days

The typical approval time for app publication on the Datadog Marketplace.


The average monthly revenue from deals that come through the Datadog Marketplace. These deals typically expand to annual or multi-year contracts.


RapDev wanted to expand its integration and implementation service offerings to unlock more revenue growth potential. The Datadog Marketplace gave them the opportunity to augment Datadog's existing monitoring capabilities by providing support for legacy OSs and internal IT.

Why Datadog?

RapDev was a longtime Datadog implementation partner, and they were excited by the idea of growing their customer base while contributing to a high-demand, next-generation solution.

A new frontier for implementation services

Since 2019, RapDev has helped organizations undergo digital transformations and streamline their DevOps practices, primarily through integrations and services that are used alongside ServiceNow. But when Datadog launched the Datadog Marketplace, which gives partners the opportunity to market and sell their own applications within the platform, RapDev saw an opportunity to expand their offerings, diversify their customer base, and create a new revenue stream.

Tameem Hourani, Principal at RapDev, mentioned, “We know Datadog is growing rapidly, and their team is focused on certain product areas. We saw the chance to develop integrations and services that could help customers achieve maximum return on their investment,” he said.

By joining the Datadog Partner Network, RapDev was able to contribute to Datadog’s monitoring ecosystem while improving system-wide visibility for their growing client base. For instance, RapDev’s Solaris Agent collects and reports on Solaris system infrastructure metrics like CPU and memory, while their Microsoft 365 integration enables users to monitor product activity, usage, and licensing across the entire Microsoft 365 suite. These offerings, which are now available on the Marketplace, were developed through close collaboration with Datadog’s Product and Engineering teams, and they have led to a significant increase in exposure and revenue for RapDev.

A boost in exposure, lead generation, and revenue

RapDev’s membership in the Datadog Partner Network includes access to dedicated sales and marketing resources to help promote their Marketplace-hosted services. For instance, if RapDev’s Marketplace offerings can help a customer extend their monitoring coverage, a Datadog sales representative will make that recommendation to them. The Datadog Sales team is also in constant contact with RapDev, which helps them feel confident that their shared customers are getting as much value from the platform as possible. This includes collaborating on private offers to ensure that all custom pricing and end-user licensing agreements are in the best interest of the customer. When asked about his team’s working relationship with Datadog, Hourani remarked, “The Datadog Sales and Partner teams have really helped make sure we’re getting into conversations with the right contacts to drive Marketplace deals. It feels like we’re on the same team, not at separate companies.”

“ It feels like we’re on the same team, not at separate companies.”

Tameem Hourani
Principal, RapDev

These benefits have led directly to a boost in lead generation, as well as dozens of enterprise engagements for RapDev’s growing client portfolio. In their first twelve months on the Datadog Marketplace, RapDev received an average of 30 to 40 leads per month through trial signups, and they also earned an average of $30K-$50K through monthly deals with customers across different industries and locations.

“ We’ve seen large multi-year enterprise agreements come in, which can very much be attributed to the Datadog Marketplace….We continue to receive 30 to 40 leads per month just through our trial signups, and we’re seeing even more growth as we introduce new integrations.”

Jesse Eddy
Enterprise Account Executive, RapDev

Quick guidance for faster growth

All Marketplace integrations and applications are thoroughly vetted by Datadog’s Product and Engineering teams, which ensures that partners receive the support they need to build strong and successful products. These teams review integration submissions on a daily basis and provide thorough, actionable feedback. This enables partners to iterate quickly, without getting blocked by a lengthy or bureaucratic review process.

The fast turnaround has been particularly important to RapDev, as it has enabled their team to maintain the pace that is necessary to develop and deploy multiple integrations a month. When reflecting on the review process, Hourani remarked, “Other partners would ask us to open a ticket and get back to us in 72 hours. With Datadog, we can Slack or hop on a quick call, and it’s a healthy working relationship. Once an integration is built, we can get it turned around and published in a day or two.”

“ Once an integration is built, we can get it turned around and published in a day or two.”

Tameem Hourani
Principal, RapDev

A growing ecosystem

Hourani expects the Marketplace to expand as more companies turn to Datadog’s unified platform to solve their observability challenges, and he believes this increase in Marketplace activity will allow RapDev’s partnership with Datadog to continue to flourish. “There’s just so much out there that partners can build on top of the Datadog platform," he said, adding, “The more contributions Datadog gets from other participants, the bigger the ecosystem will grow. It’s a win-win for everyone.”



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