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Partnership Brings Joint Success in LATAM

Learn how Econocom Brazil better equipped their clients for modernization and cloud adoption projects with the Datadog Partnership

about Econocom

Econocom is a B2B reseller and technology consulting company with an annual revenue of more than $3 billion. As part of their global operations, Econocom Brazil has joined the Datadog Partner Network to better equip their customers with cloud-native monitoring.

Key Results

15+ logos

New major logos closed via the Datadog + Econocom partnership in the first year

3 expansions

The number of times Econocom landed and expanded in a single account in 3 months with Datadog

45 → 15 days

The reduction in typical implementation time for a new customer


Econocom needed a monitoring solution to support the modernization and cloud migration projects of their customers, and they needed it to deploy quickly and easily so they could focus on growing their high-value-add consultative services.

Why Datadog?

Datadog’s unified platform deploys quickly on their customers’ environments, replaces legacy tools to equip their customers for digital transformation projects, and offers flexibility to rapidly land and expand. The partnership with Datadog supplements their "Observability" vision for cloud environments, complementing the solutions’ portfolio currently developed by Econocom. In addition, it fostered a close working relationship with Datadog’s sales team.

Growing demand for consulting services

Econocom Brazil offers a suite of services, including technology resale and consultation work, to help their customers modernize their IT infrastructure, development and operation practices. As their customer base has grown, Econocom has seen an increase in demand not only for implementation of new technologies, but for consultation on cultural changes like shifting to DevOps, as well. “About one-third of our revenue comes from project and consultation activities, and two-thirds are related to other services. We’re really interested in increasing the volume of projects and consulting work that we offer, because it’s such a big value-add for our customers,” said Rodrigo Bocchi, the CEO of Econocom Brazil. “We expect this will be the main portion of the company’s revenue in the near future.”

To ensure their readiness to help their clients adopt modern technology and practices successfully, Econocom needed to offer a modern monitoring platform designed to facilitate DevOps-style communication within ephemeral, cloud-based and Kubernetes-based systems. Additionally, Econocom was looking for a product that could cover any customer’s stack—and that could be implemented quickly to accelerate their deal cycles. In the end, Econocom Brazil chose to partner with Datadog to provide these services for their customers because of Datadog’s expansive coverage, ease of use, and rapid implementation speed.

Complete coverage of any environment

With Datadog, users have access to a unified platform encompassing infrastructure metrics, application management, logs, security, monitoring, and more. Bringing these capabilities together into one platform allows end users to quickly find a reported issue and the root cause in just a few clicks, with all the context they need at hand. This accelerates resolution time, which leads to more productive engineering teams, reduces risk during migrations and transitions, and improves end-user experiences.

Datadog also provides coverage across modern environments as well as legacy or on-premise installations. With extensive support for containers, including container Autodiscovery, a dedicated Kubernetes Cluster Agent, and out-of-the-box dashboards, Datadog makes it easier for Econocom’s customers to enact digital transformations. “In some cases, we are replacing old technologies (which support systems, applications and logs separately and are from different vendors) inside our client. We are helping them to transform their monitoring and adapt to cloud environments and Kubernetes environments with a unified and fully correlated view, quickly identifying the root cause,” said Rosano Moraes, Head of Sales, Brazil.

“ We’re replacing old technologies […] and helping them transform their monitoring and adapt to cloud environments and Kubernetes environments.”

Rosano Moraes
Head of Sales, Econocom Brazil

Simple but not simplistic

Another big appeal for Econocom is Datadog’s ease of use. The Datadog platform itself can be used by both Dev and Ops teams with minimal training, and it doesn’t require certification or knowledge of a query language. All dashboards can be created using a point-and-click interface, which allows companies to democratize their data so that centralized monitoring teams aren’t backlogged with routine work. Ease of use also reduces troubleshooting time when problems do arise, because the teams that are closest to the problem feel empowered to use Datadog to understand and address the root cause.

The simplicity of a unified platform is core to Econocom’s DevOps consulting practices. Using Datadog as the single source of truth eliminates the messy communication silos that come from having tooling divisions across teams. “The Datadog platform was attractive because it unifies so many other products. It all drives towards simplicity—so it’s easier to solve problems. That’s something our customers really respond to,” said Moraes. “We use Datadog with our DevOps Excellence consulting program, and it helps our customers adopt DevOps culture more easily,” he added.

“ It all drives towards simplicity—so it’s easier to solve problems. That’s something our customers really respond to.”

Rosano Moraes
Head of Sales, Econocom Brazil

Quick implementation leaves time for consulting services

Datadog also helps Econocom deploy quickly and consistently in every customer’s environment. “Implementation is so simple and fast with Datadog,” said Moraes. Implementation speed is driven by Datadog’s 700+ integrations, which provide key metrics, out-of-the-box dashboards, and recommended monitors for popular technologies. And because Datadog is a SaaS product, it can be deployed as a single agent for all data collection, doesn’t require the setup of any dedicated hosts or collectors, and can be rolled out automatically with a variety of tools like Chef, Puppet, or Helm. This not only saves the customer time, but also gives Econocom more opportunity to focus on the unique needs of each customer while providing higher value-add services like consulting. It also accelerates overall deal cycles, which improves Econocom’s operational efficiency.

“ Implementation is so simple and fast with Datadog”

Rosano Moraes
Head of Sales, Econocom Brazil

A strong partnership delivers tangible results for the business

Econocom took advantage of training courses provided by the Datadog Partner Network to enable their staff to understand and position Datadog effectively. Econocom Brazil was one of the first Gold-tier Datadog Partner Network members in Latin America, due to their technical qualifications and certifications, which led to a close relationship with Datadog’s sales team and unlocked better prices for their customers. Within the first year, Datadog and Econocom worked together to land over 15 major new logos, spanning industries like financial services, cloud technology, hospitality, and marketing.

“Our first year with Datadog has been very successful. The solution is strong, which makes it easy to position, and easy to prove the value. On top of that, Datadog’s commercial and enterprise teams in Brazil have worked really closely with us-” said Bocchi. “It feels like we’re an extension of the Datadog sales team,” added Moraes.

Bocchi also praised the high demand he’s seen for Datadog, as well as the flexibility it gives Econocom. “With one of our major customers, it took us about nine months to close the deal initially. But in the three months after deploying Datadog, they loved it so much they came back to us twice looking to expand,” said Bocchi, adding: “Datadog’s fresh, it’s easier, it’s more flexible in terms of sizing. There’s no delay in implementation. Our customers are more confident in what they’re getting from us.”

“ Datadog’s fresh, it’s easier, it’s more flexible in terms of sizing. There’s no delay in implementation. Our customers are more confident in what they’re getting from us.”

Rodrigo Bocchi
CEO, Econocom Brazil



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