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Cumulus Linux Switch Monitoring with Datadog

Cumulus Linux Switch Monitoring with Datadog

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Published: April 14, 2015

Stanley Karunditu is a Solutions Engineer at Cumulus Networks where this blog was originally posted.

As a Linux platform, one of the things is that we often don’t have visibility into how customers use their switches running Cumulus Linux. They buy HCL-compatible hardware from our partners, and with some training and enablement, are off to the races.

The idea for running Datadog in Cumulus Linux came about for the simple reason that we were in adjacent booths at PuppetConf last year, and we all figured it would be cool to try it out. Further, since Datadog already provides visibility across systems, apps and services, they were interested in seeing how networking can be added into the mix. As you will see, it turns out to be pretty simple.

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