AWS Monitoring | Datadog

Monitor your entire AWS environment in one place

Correlate metrics, traces, and logs to identify and resolve incidents across your stack.

Monitoring your entire AWS ecosystem is critical in order to optimize the performance of your applications and troubleshoot problems quickly. Datadog’s unified platform enables you to collect metrics, traces, logs, and more from all of the AWS services you use so you can analyze and correlate it, all in one place.


AWS monitoring that scales with your stack

Datadog integrates with 450+ technologies, including the full suite of AWS services

Visualize your AWS stack in minutes with customizable dashboards

Monitor AWS with alerts that only notify you to critical issues

Fine-tune your AWS monitoring with Datadog's flexible alerting logic and smart alerts.



Detect when a metric's value deviates from its expected range, based on past trends.


Outlier detection

Find out when members of a group deviate significantly from their peers.


Forecast alert

Find out when a metric is projected to cross a threshold.

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