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Python APM and Performance Monitoring

Get code-level visibility into the health and performance of your Python applications with Datadog APM

Datadog’s Python APM provides code-level visibility into the health and performance of your Python applications, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot any issue—whether it’s related to coroutines, asynchronous tasks, or runtime metrics.


Troubleshoot Python App Performance Issues Faster with Datadog APM

  • Identify critical issues quickly with real-time service maps, AI-powered synthetic monitors, and alerts on latency, exceptions, code-level errors, log issues, and more
  • Resolve detected Python problems faster with distributed request traces, logs, and infrastructure metrics all within one platform
  • Test hypotheses in seconds by overlaying application events onto time-synchronized metric graphs

Optimize Python Performance

  • Detect the most resource-consuming methods or classes in your Python applications in seconds with a lightweight, next-generation profiler that’s easy-to-use and always-on
  • Determine the root cause of code issues with a breakdown of time spent by method on CPU, garbage collection, lock contention, and I/O; improve CPU utilization, memory allocation, and user latency
  • Surface runtime performance problems such as deadlocked threads, inefficient garbage collection, and memory leaks

Spend Less Time Scaling and Maintaining Your Tools

  • Save time scaling and maintaining your open source tools as complexity grows within your stack
  • Automatically instrument your applications for popular Python frameworks such as Django, Pyramid, Flask, and Tornado
  • Efficiently analyze issues from any perspective with automated tagging integrated throughout the entire platform

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.

Platform Diagram

Modern APM and alerting for Python applicatons

Leverage Datadog APM for next-generation Python monitoring and analytics.



Auto-detect Python performance problems without manual setup or configuration.


App Analytics

Search, filter, and analyze Python stack traces at infinite cardinality.


Service Map

Map Python applications and their supporting architecture in real-time.

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