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Java Monitoring Tools

Pinpoint problematic services, requests, or lines of code in real time with end to end Java monitoring tools.

Gaining full visibility into the performance of your Java applications can be challenging, especially in modern distributed systems. Datadog Java monitoring tools ensure that you never miss critical data, allowing you to troubleshoot and optimize your applications down to the line of code in one unified Java monitoring platform.


Real time, end-to-end Java monitoring

Ensure performant Java applications and customer satisfaction.
  • Analyze every Java request with the Datadog flamegraph to zero in on and improve application performance issues across your distributed system
  • Ensure that every version of Java code is successfully deployed by leveraging unified version tags and Deployment Tracking
  • Monitor the dependencies and health of your Java services with out-of-the-box Service Map and dashboards
Real time, end-to-end Java monitoring

Troubleshoot and optimize Java applications

Monitor every Java service down to the line of code to reduce error and latency rates.
  • Optimize the resource consumption of your application with an automated analysis of the main problem areas in your Java code
  • Eliminate blindspots and tradeoffs between visibility and cost with live search and analytics on 100% of your Java traces
  • Reduce MTTR by pinpointing latency bottlenecks in your Java services and correlating them with the performance of the underlying code
Troubleshoot and optimize Java applications

Versatile Java monitoring tools, one unified platform

Improve observability by leveraging multiple Java monitoring tools in a single pane of glass.
  • Tie every distributed Java request to underlying infrastructure metrics, network performance data, live processes, code profiles, and logs
  • Build dashboards combining data from across the Datadog platform for a best-in-class Java monitoring and observability strategy
  • Leverage AIOps features such as anomaly detection and Trace Outliers to monitor your Java application effortlessly and focus on building your core product
Versatile Java monitoring tools, one unified platform

The Essential Monitoring and Security Platform for the Cloud Age

Datadog brings together end-to-end traces, metrics, and logs to make your applications, infrastructure, and third-party services entirely observable.

Platform Diagram

Analyze Java metrics and stack traces in context

Leverage Datadog APM to monitor and troubleshoot Java performance issues.



Auto-detect and surface performance problems without manual Java alert configuration.


Trace Analytics

Search, filter, and analyze Java stack traces at infinite cardinality.


Service Map

Map Java applications and their supporting architecture in real-time.

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