Next-generation APM

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize end-to-end application performance

Full observability for modern applications

Datadog monitors both infrastructure and application performance to provide visibility into every layer of your stack.

  • Drill down from a global overview to a request trace to a single SQL query
  • Correlate app performance or errors with infrastructure metrics and events
  • Quickly identify performance bottlenecks in code or infrastructure

Gap-free tracing across distributed systems

Datadog monitors every host and container, so you can trace requests from end to end, wherever they go.

  • Track the performance of distributed applications on dynamic infrastructure
  • Break down latency with end-to-end flame graphs
  • Monitor all your cloud, on-prem, and hybrid applications in one place

Auto-instrumentation for request tracing

Datadog APM can automatically trace requests across many popular libraries and frameworks.

  • Enable auto-instrumentation to collect spans from frontend to backend
  • Get instant visibility via integrations with web frameworks like Django, Ruby on Rails, Gin, and Spring
  • Collect detailed performance data from infrastructure components like Redis and Elasticsearch

Advanced graphing and alerting

APM dovetails with all the powerful visualization and alerting features you already use in Datadog.

  • Use Datadog anomaly detection and outlier detection to surface performance issues
  • Send alerts on latency or error rates via tools like Slack or PagerDuty
  • Build drag-and-drop performance dashboards or manage dashboards programmatically via API

Open source, extensible tooling

The Datadog Agent is open source, with libraries and APIs for custom tracing.

  • Use open source client libraries to instrument your code
  • Collect custom traces from your applications using open APIs
  • Deploy APM in seconds with a one-command install on most platforms