Alerts | Datadog
Network Performance Monitoring is now generally available! Network Monitoring is now available!

Get alerts that matter

Datadog notifies you of performance problems, wherever they occur in your infrastructure

Alert on metrics, events + more

If you send it, Datadog can alert on it:


Alert on services or individual hosts

VMs and containers come and go. Monitor them at a higher level:

  • Alert on the health of an entire service
  • Aggregate metrics by any combination of tags: region, role, environment, etc.
  • Dynamic groups include new hosts and containers automatically
  • Exclude any segment of your infrastructure from an alert

Thresholds, changes, outliers

Datadog can recognize any kind of trouble in your systems:

  • Metrics crossing into unacceptable ranges
  • Unexpected changes or trends
  • Automated outlier detection
  • Configurable “no data” alerts for missing data

Only get alerts that matter

Not every alert should wake you up at 3:00 A.M.:


Use your existing workflow

Datadog works with all the communication and collaboration tools you love:


Immediate context

Datadog includes full API access to capture what makes your infrastructure special

  • Snapshots from the incident
  • Links to dashboards with relevant metrics
  • Next steps for investigation and resolution