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Get alerts that matter

Datadog notifies you of performance problems, wherever they occur in your infrastructure

Alert on metrics, events + more

If you send it, Datadog can alert on it:


Alert on services or individual hosts

VMs and containers come and go. Monitor them at a higher level:

  • Alert on the health of an entire service
  • Aggregate metrics by any combination of tags: region, role, environment, etc.
  • Dynamic groups include new hosts and containers automatically
  • Exclude any segment of your infrastructure from an alert

Thresholds, changes, outliers

Datadog can recognize any kind of trouble in your systems:

  • Metrics crossing into unacceptable ranges
  • Unexpected changes or trends
  • Automated outlier detection
  • Configurable “no data” alerts for missing data

Only get alerts that matter

Not every alert should wake you up at 3:00 A.M.:


Use your existing workflow

Datadog works with all the communication and collaboration tools you love:


Immediate context

Datadog includes full API access to capture what makes your infrastructure special

  • Snapshots from the incident
  • Links to dashboards with relevant metrics
  • Next steps for investigation and resolution