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Logos & Press Kit

Offical Datadog resources for digital and printed materials

Datadog Logo

We call the dog in our logo "Bits." Bits comes in two configurations: vertical and horizontal. The vertical version is preferred.


White logo (on purple background)

Purple logo (on white background)


White logo (on purple background)

Purple logo (on white background)

Logo Usage

Bits should always be white. We have two variants of the logo that you can use, depending on the background color.

White logo (purple background)

Purple logo (white background)

White logo (neutral/dark background)

Logo Usage Don'ts

We ask that you keep Bits looking his best. Please don't invert the colors of the logo or modify the logo in the other ways outlined below.

Don't invert white logo

Don't invert purple logo

Don't modify color of logo

Don't alter the ratio of mark and type

Don't contain logo in a box

Don't use a gradient

Don't alter the aspect ratio

Don't contain logo in a shape

Don't outline logo

Datadog Purple

PMS: 266
HEX: 774AA4
RGB: 120, 71, 166

Press Kit

Headshot: Olivier Pomel, Co-Founder and CEO
Headshot: Alexis Le-Quoc, Co-Founder and CTO
Headshot: Amit Agarwal, Co-Founder and CPO
Datadog HQ, Lobby
Datadog HQ, views
Bits: Datadog mascot
Product screenshot: infrastructure metrics
Product screenshot: Datadog APM
200+ vendor-supported integrations
Datadog logo
Executive bios