Datadog Empowers Dev and Ops Teams in Seconds to See the IT Infrastructure Data That Matters | Datadog

Datadog Empowers Dev and Ops Teams in Seconds to See the IT Infrastructure Data that Matters

New Screenboards blend KPIs, events and metrics from fragmented cloud Infrastructure into a single display

Datadog, the SaaS-based monitoring and data analytics platform that provides a unified view of IT infrastructure, announced today new Screenboards that blend KPIs, events and metrics into a single display from fragmented servers, databases and other infrastructure components. These highly configurable Screenboards can be built in seconds to allow dev and ops teams to create tailored displays of information. Combining critical data onto one screen empowers IT teams to quickly recognize issues which could become performance problems or release delays. Screenboards are available through a free trial of Datadog.

MaxCDN, a content delivery network used by more than 13,000 companies worldwide has deployed Screenboards and according to Kevin Meinert, VP of Operations, “Datadog’s Screenboards allow us to easily deploy insightful dashboards that let us take a snapshot of our infrastructure specific KPI’s, in seconds. We previously had to develop custom infrastructure dashboards that had to process huge amounts of data when we needed specific insight into our infrastructure. With our infrastructure data so readily available, we are now better able to see early indicators of issues on our servers before they occur, as well as more easily identifying trends within our network. All of this data allows us to catch trends that allow us to provide consistent uptime and performance for our customers across our global network.”

Volumes of Performance Data Reside in Diverse and Fragmented Components

Constant monitoring of the IT infrastructure supporting an application is necessary to avoid performance issues and release delays. However, many IT teams find such monitoring challenging in today’s infrastructure as the servers, and other diverse components not only produce thousands of data points every hour but also are stored in fragmented silos. With the new kinds of tools and infrastructure used in today’s IT departments, including cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and SaaS applications like content delivery networks, each residing in a different location and collecting data in separate formats, it becomes difficult to gain a holistic understanding of the infrastructure’s health.

IT teams typically spend many hours and additional budget to develop and maintain custom dashboards that combine these fragmented and diverse data sources to understand their application’s performance. Without seeing all of these data in one place, system administrators, developers and IT managers risk being blindsided by issues that will impact their application’s performance.

“As application delivery moves to the cloud, the complexity behind these applications continues to grow,” says Bernd Harzog, The Virtualization Practice. “Constant monitoring of all infrastructure components is the only way to ensure that issues caused by this complexity are caught before they impact performance and release timelines. It’s typical for companies to spend a considerable amount of internal resources and budget to enable these monitoring capabilities.”

Datadog’s Screenboards Blend Together Disparate IT Data

Screenboards are built in an easy drag-and-drop manner that allows even first-time users to create displays within seconds. Ultimately, the universal access to IT data from across the infrastructure combined with ease of use allows business and operational IT teams to within seconds, build dashboards that deliver the critical numbers at a glance.

Screenboards are available as part of Datadog’s hosted monitoring solution. Features include:

  • Public URL generation to share dashboards with external stakeholders
  • Seamless access to data from servers, databases, SaaS applications and cloud providers
  • Real time updates
  • Rich widgets such as graphs, images, alerts, notes, HTML iFrames, raw metrics data, event streams and composite metrics created by user-defined calculations

“We saw our customers one after the other painstakingly implementing custom dashboards to bring together data from various parts of their infrastructure,” says Olivier Pomel, CEO, Datadog, “With Screenboards, our users can see the data they want at any time, while focusing their resources on their core business.”

About Datadog

Datadog unifies the data from servers, OS, databases, applications, tools and services to present a unified view of the infrastructure. These capabilities are provided on a SaaS-based monitoring and data analytics platform that enables multiple teams working collaboratively on the infrastructure to avoid downtime, resolve performance problems and ensure that development and deployment cycles finish on time.


Alex Rosemblat