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Datadog Announces Real User Monitoring

Datadog Announces Real User Monitoring

July 17, 2019

2:00 PM UTC

Published by Business Wire


Martin Bergman

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Datadog, the monitoring and analytics platform for modern cloud environments, today announced Real User Monitoring, a new addition to the Datadog platform that provides actionable insights into how real users interact with web and mobile applications.

Datadog’s Real User Monitoring automatically monitors the performance of customers’ key web and mobile applications, gathering important data, including:

Frontend latency metrics such as Time To Interactive and Time to First Byte Geographic Location Operating System Browser Types Additionally, when combined with data from logs, traces, and infrastructure metrics in Datadog’s monitoring and analytics platform, Real User Monitoring helps teams identify whether issues originate in the frontend, the backend, or the infrastructure.

“Real User Monitoring provides critical insight into users’ experiences as they interact with a product,” said Gabriel-James Safar, Product Manager at Datadog. “Enterprises need to understand the performance of their websites and applications, as these experiences are directly correlated to business metrics.”

“Customer experience is increasingly important to organizations as they realize how fickle users can be. In a recent 451 Research Voice of the Connected User Landscape study, 79% of consumers we surveyed indicated they would be ‘very likely (40%)’ or ‘somewhat likely (39%)’ to switch brands or providers if their app or service performed poorly,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst at 451 Research. “Real user monitoring is one tool that offers relevant insight into actual user experience, helps teams troubleshoot problems, and ultimately drive the kind of performance that today’s customers demand.”

Real User Monitoring was announced at Dash, Datadog’s annual conference about building and scaling the next generation of applications, infrastructure, and technical teams. For more information about products announced at Dash, please visit:

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