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Datadog Announces Support for Microsoft Azure Deployment Manager

Datadog Announces Support for Microsoft Azure Deployment Manager

July 11, 2019

8:48 PM UTC


Martin Bergman

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Datadog, the monitoring and analytics platform for modern cloud environments, today announced its support of Microsoft Azure Deployment Manager (ADM) as a Launch Partner. This new integration will allow Azure users to limit or prevent impacts from bad updates by automatically halting deployments in Azure if an unhealthy state is detected in Datadog.

By monitoring health for each stage of a deployment using Datadog’s unified view across infrastructure metrics, application traces, logs, and synthetic monitoring, users can be sure they know that an update is healthy as it progresses. And if an issue is detected, the troubleshooting can begin in context with the full array of tools in Datadog for correlation, data visualization, and anomaly detection. The result is smoother deployments and higher uptime.

“We’re proud to partner with Microsoft Azure and support Azure Deployment Manager on Datadog’s cloud monitoring platform,” said Steve Harrington, Product Manager at Datadog. “Supporting teams that rely on Azure’s powerful services is a top priority, and we look forward to bringing new functionality to our customers.”

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