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Datadog Launches Machine Learning Driven Software Test Automation

  • SaaS-based self-adjusting testing platform built for agile development teams
  • Fully integrated with Datadog’s monitoring and analytics for quick failure detection and diagnosis

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Datadog, the leading monitoring and analytics platform for modern cloud environments, today announced the general availability of Browser Tests, a software test automation platform designed for agile application development teams. Datadog Browser Tests run continuously and adjust automatically to catch bugs when the website changes.

“Broken web applications can result in massive revenue and productivity losses for modern enterprises. And yet, because of the time required to write and update proper tests, agile development teams often trade deep testing for quick application releases,” said Gabriel-James Safar, Product Manager at Datadog. “Datadog’s Browser Tests are created in minutes and self-adjust as an application changes, which means bugs are caught before real users see them. Furthermore, deep integration with Datadog’s monitoring and analytics platform makes it quick for development teams to understand and fix the underlying issue.”

Browser Tests Features:

Record user interactions and workflow tests without any coding Tests adjust themselves as an application changes without manual intervention Fully integrated with Datadog’s monitoring and analytics platform for end-to-end troubleshooting “Datadog’s Browser Tests have been a game-changer in our website release process,” said Ben Odom, Director of Technical Operations at Peerfit. “Not only are the tests very easy to create, but they are also self-maintaining - saving us hours previously spent on tedious script updates, and minimizing all of the false alerts we previously received due to broken tests.”

“Being able to make browser monitoring a seamless process for customers has always been a challenge,” said Michael Azzoff, Distinguished Analyst, Infrastructure Solutions at Ovum. “With use of machine learning Datadog is at the innovation edge in monitoring, and with the combination of synthetic performance testing and analytics its approach is superior to traditional coding methods for browser monitoring.”

Datadog Browser Tests is generally available. Pricing starts at $12 per 1,000 Test Runs. For more information, and to start a free 14-day trial, please visit:

For more information About Datadog Browser Tests, please visit:

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