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Datadog Introduces Live Container Monitoring

Datadog Introduces Live Container Monitoring

October 17, 2017

11:00 AM UTC

Published by Business Wire


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Datadog, the essential monitoring service for modern cloud environments, today announced the availability of Live Container Monitoring, a powerful new feature that gives users insight into the status and performance of all of their containers in real time. Datadog also falls under the Certified Container category of the Docker Certification Program, as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that is able to package and distribute its software directly to the end user, and can be purchased through the Docker Store.

Inspired by bedrock tools like htop and ctop, Live Container Monitoring gives users complete coverage of their container infrastructure, in a continuously updated table with resource metrics at two-second resolution and faceted search. Coupled with Datadog’s integrations with Docker, Kubernetes, ECS, and other container technologies, this new Live Container Monitoring feature provides a detailed overview of container health, resource consumption, and deployment in real time.

“Our new features offer transparency into container orchestration, and add tools for realtime debugging,” said Michael Gerstenhaber, Product Manager at Datadog. “This functionality will benefit everyone, whether they are supporting thousands of microservices or migrating legacy applications to containers."

Datadog is also responsible for the largest and most accurate Docker Adoption Research published to date. Based on a sample of 10,000 companies and tracking real usage, the report shows that Docker market share grew 30% last year with larger enterprise companies leading adoption. Moreover, two-thirds of companies that try Docker adopt it within one month and quintuple their usage within nine months. These statistics demonstrate that containerization is solving real, immediate problems for companies at scale.


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