Datadog Introduces Monitoring for Highly Dynamic Docker Environments, Releases Latest Docker Adoption Research | Datadog

Datadog Introduces Monitoring For Highly Dynamic Docker Environments, Releases Latest Docker Adoption Research

  • The leading service for cloud-scale monitoring announces autodiscovery for frictionless monitoring of automatically orchestrated Docker containers.
  • Latest research by Datadog shows Docker adoption grows by 30% over the past year, with the majority of adoption coming from large enterprise companies.

NEW YORK – June 20, 2016 – Datadog, the essential monitoring service for dynamic cloud infrastructure, today announced autodiscovery, a feature that enables engineering teams to seamlessly monitor the health of their container environments. The company also released its highly anticipated Docker Adoption Research, following up on the report they released 8 months ago to identify trends.

“Datadog has been adopted by thousands of leading enterprise companies transitioning away from legacy IT,” said Olivier Pomel, Co-Founder and CEO of Datadog. “This gives us unique insight into where the industry is heading, what innovative technologies are being adopted, and allows us to better service these customers.”

Seamlessly Monitor Containers with autodiscovery Docker containers launch in seconds and are built for applications that scale rapidly and release often. Employing scheduling platforms like Swarm, Kubernetes, and Amazon Web Services’ ECS often results in an acceleration of container deployment, creating environments with highly dynamic behavior that can make containers difficult to track and monitor.

Datadog’s autodiscovery enables teams to seamlessly monitor Dockerized infrastructure without interruption as it expands, contracts, and shifts across hosts by continuously listening to Docker events. Whenever a container is created or started, the Datadog Agent identifies which service is running then starts collecting and reporting metrics. Whenever a container is stopped or destroyed, the Agent recognizes that as well.

“Using Datadog’s autodiscovery feature, software developers can now set up their own application monitoring and gather metrics in a completely self-service fashion. This greatly reduces the burden on the operations team in dealing with containerized environments, who previously had to provision app monitoring manually,” said Chris Snell, Director of Technical Operations at Revinate.

Docker Gains Momentum in the Enterprise Datadog’s Docker Adoption Research was based on a sample of 10,000 companies and tracks real usage, making it the largest and most accurate review of Docker adoption published to date. According to the report, Docker market share has grown 30% in one year with larger enterprise companies leading adoption. Moreover, two-thirds of companies that try Docker adopt it within one month and quintuple their usage within nine months. These statistics demonstrate that containerization is solving real, immediate problems for companies at scale.

“We are leveraging massive amounts of data from thousands of enterprise customers to make informed decisions around research and development,” said Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer at Datadog. “The increasing demand for Docker led us to develop smarter ways to monitor containers with autodiscovery, and we will continue to release reports in the future to help companies in their decision making.”