Datadog Demonstrates Integration With Docker Platform as Part of Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program for Monitoring | Datadog

Datadog Demonstrates Integration with Docker Platform as Part of Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) Program for Monitoring

Datadog Integration with Docker Enables Effortless Container Monitoring

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Datadog, the leading SaaS-based monitoring platform for cloud applications, today announced that it has been recognized by Docker as an Ecosystem Technology Partner (ETP) for monitoring. The designation indicates that Datadog has demonstrated working integration with the Docker platform via the Docker API and is available to users and organizations who seek solutions to monitor their dockerized distributed applications.

“Accurate and comprehensive monitoring is critical to helping ensure optimal performance of container environments,” said Scott Johnston, senior vice president of product at Docker. “Datadog’s solution provides insight into application and service metrics that helps organizations make best use of the Docker platform.”

With a simple one-step setup, Datadog users can gather detailed performance metrics across all of their Docker containers, engines and hosts. With these metrics, users can visualize the performance of their containerized applications, receive alerts on critical issues and collaborate across teams to address and resolve performance problems.

Key Datadog integration features:

• Low impact collection of detailed container metrics every 15 seconds • Visualization of larger numbers of containers through automatic tagging and aggregation of Docker attributes by “name,” “image,” “command,” etc. • Alerts on performance issues that span clusters of containers • User visualization and correlation of container lifecycle events in the context of Docker and other application metrics “Docker has significantly eased the building, shipping and running of containerized applications, and we are very excited to be a Docker monitoring partner,” said Amit Agarwal, chief product officer at Datadog. “With our complementary solutions, our joint customers have the ability to rapidly build, deploy and manage performance of containerized applications that run at scale.”

Datadog will feature its SaaS-based monitoring platform for cloud applications at Dockercon in San Francisco, June 22-24, 2015. For more information, visit

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