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Datadog Launches Session Replay to Help All Organizations Build Better Digital Experiences

Session Replay's video-like playback capabilities help organizations understand user intent, reproduce errors more quickly and deliver stronger user-centric workflows

NEW YORKDatadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud  applications, announced today the release of Session Replay, a new offering that shows  organizations, through a video-like playback, how users are interacting with their applications.  

Having a common understanding of the user experience is foundational to the work of product  managers, UX designers, frontend engineers, and support teams, as well as to effective cross functional collaboration. Yet these teams often have a siloed and incomplete view of the user  journey. In addition, many organizations rely on data-driven approaches that do not always  provide the full context necessary to understand user intent. As a result, organizations are often  unable to develop a true understanding and empathy for their users’ experience. 

Using Session Replay’s video-like playback capabilities, organizations can now observe how  users navigate and interact with their website to draw insight into how long it takes them to  make decisions, what they hover over before clicking, how they respond to broken UI elements,  and more. If an issue is identified, because Session Replay is part of Datadog’s broader APM  platform, users can immediately pivot to relevant traces, logs and errors to correlate frontend  information with additional backend context. 

“The organizations that are able to build the strongest user-centric businesses are also the  organizations that have the strongest understanding of their users,” said Renaud Boutet, Senior  VP of Product, Datadog. “Session Replay extends Datadog’s full-stack visibility to provide a  complete view of user behavior, as if you were watching the user’s same screen. Session  Replay enables support teams and full-stack engineers to reproduce bugs and troubleshoot  faster, and UI/UX designers to create more user-centric workflows. Ultimately, it helps everyone  collaborate more effectively to deliver better digital experiences.” 

“Datadog Session Replay tells the user story for the business side of the fence,’’ said James  O’Hare, Senior DevOps Engineer, NielsenIQ. “It’s something that monitoring tools just haven’t  been able to do before.” 

“We’ve had users take an action that causes an error two minutes later, which makes it nearly  impossible to debug," said Artem Shapilov, Front End Developer, Mynd Property Management.  “With Session Replay, we can instantly replicate the entire user journey and resolve errors  quickly.” 

Session Replay delivers: 

  • Watch individual user sessions: Use a video-like interface to view exactly how users  interact with your website, understand patterns in behavior and easily reproduce bugs  for faster troubleshooting. 

  • Understand user behavior in the context of your technology stack: Quickly switch  to relevant traces, logs or errors for a specific user session to continue troubleshooting in  context. 

  • Configurable privacy and security rules: Protect end-user privacy and sensitive  organizational information by restricting which screen elements are recorded. 

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