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Datadog Extends Cloud Cost Management Capabilities with Container Cost Allocation, Cost Monitors and Support for Microsoft Azure

New features help customers create a culture of cost ownership across their organization by empowering engineers to understand and take action on cloud costs

NEW YORKDatadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced new capabilities for its Cloud Cost Management product, including container cost allocation, cost monitors and support for Microsoft Azure. Cloud Cost Management shows an organization’s granular cost data, scoped to specific services, so that engineers can optimize cloud spend and performance.

Cloud cost data is traditionally dispersed and difficult to centralize and understand, putting organizations at risk of going over budget. These challenges only grow as new technologies and platforms are used and existing tools keep cost and observability data separate. This results in a lack of context and visibility among engineering teams when they are making decisions about their infrastructure and applications. It also leads to a team culture where costs are not at the forefront, which remains an issue for most organizations. According to The State of FinOps 2023, empowering engineers to take action on costs is the top challenge facing FinOps teams.

“As organizations increase their usage of containers and multiple clouds, the ability to centralize cost data and allocate spend across different dimensions becomes even more important,” said Kayla Taylor, Senior Product Manager, Cloud Cost Management at Datadog. “Datadog Cloud Cost Management gives engineers visibility into spend and helps create a cost-conscious culture so they can take action on cost insights. With granular alerting and visibility into containers and Azure environments, Datadog Cloud Cost Management provides the relevant observability and cost data that engineers need, in the platform they already use everyday, to empower them to reduce waste and avoid unexpected cost overages.”

“By easily combining cost data with key business metrics, Cloud Cost Management already shines a light into an important unit economics for our business: the cost associated with supporting an Asana user,” said Yannis Spiliopoulos, Tech Lead at Asana. “Being able to create alerts based on this data will no doubt further improve visibility and increase efficiency across our business by empowering our team’s ability to quickly respond to unexpected changes in spend.”

“It’s not about tradeoffs between cost and performance: cost is a need, just as important as scalability and security. Cloud Cost Management has empowered each engineer in our organization to understand this fact and act on cost data in the same way they would on performance, so that we can continue to maintain efficiency as we scale,” said Tim Ewald, CTO at Kevel.

Datadog’s new capabilities for Cloud Cost Management help organizations:

  • Understand Container Costs: With a quick and easy setup process, container cost allocation gives FinOps and engineering teams full visibility into spend, so organizations understand why and when container costs change and can detect idle costs.
  • Respond to Cost Changes: Customizable and granular cost monitors help service owners rapidly respond to unexpected cost changes alongside application performance data. Alerts are tailored to specific services so engineers can quickly pivot from detecting a cost overrun to identifying ways to take action in a single pane of glass.
  • Allocate Spend Across Azure and AWS: With support for Azure in addition to AWS, organizations can now seamlessly understand the teams, services and environments responsible for their highest cloud costs. Teams using Microsoft Azure can optimize for performance and cost, with full visibility into infrastructure and application telemetry.

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